Vidare Clean Water

After a rather precarious summer it is time again for the 1st Borrel of the Pyramid of the new season. A new chance to set our minds to work on a Base of the Pyramid-case.

On Thursday the 27th of September we will be joined by Sanne Carrière of Vidare. Vidare is a social, service-oriented, community building, commercial company that works on awareness about water, sanitation and hygiene. Together with local partners Vidare designs, builds and operates drinking water companies in mid to low income markets.

In November of this year, Vidare is entering Andhra Pradesh (India) to sell bottled drinking water. Clean, safe and affordable. Targeting mid to low income households and institutions. During the coming Borrel we will focus on the question how Vidare can use co-creation to build a strong consumer-brand relationship to support a sustainable social business.

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