Maxima Energy

Maxima Energy is a South-African bio-fuel company established in September 2012. Their purpose is to offer a cheaper and cleaner alternative to synthetic fuel, create jobs and contribute to sustainable development of rural low-income markets.

They came to the Borrel of the Pyramid with the following question: “How do we create a long-term commitment of both larger companies and Maxima Energy to reach maximum impact for and with low-income groups?”

Maxima Energy believes that they can create quicker and more meaningful economic and social impact if they partner with a larger player in the market. The scale and capital would help them to scale up and accelerate their business. Once this has been established, Maxima Energy believes it has the power to create a meaningful sustainable change in low-income markets. The Borrel of the Pyramid has helped them to make a lot of headway in partnering and improving their impact.

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