Providing arsenic-free drinking water to 30.000 rural villages in Bangladesh

SuJoL is an ambitious social enterprise that aims to develop micro businesses focused around clean drinking water in Bangladesh. It uses a technique (CapDI) that efficiently removes arsenic and saline out of (ground) water and works according to a social business model that creates entrepreneurship in poor areas. The focus in particular is on the rural and peri-urban areas of Bangladesh where there are serious arsenic contamination and salinity problems with existing tube wells.

The Borrel of the Pyramid gave input on how to proceed further: in the beginning of May, several stakeholder workshops were held in Dhaka and Kalaroa to share SuJol’s ideas to local NGOs, governmental bodies, universities, entrepreneurs, companies, and so on. By doing so, they gained rich and focussed feedback to improve & customise the ideas, but also gained a lot of input on how those stakeholders could contribute in realizing such a value proposition. Thanks to the Borrel of the Pyramid, SuJol knew where to go and how to make the most of their initiative.

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