What we can offer


Participating in a Borrel?

  • Interested in networking with people working in develop cooperation/social entrepreneurship/etc?
  • Like to Borrel with fellow professionals  – from private sector, social investors, NGOs to students – who like to brainstorm (informally) about their work
  • Looking for a new opportunity in social entrepreneurship? 

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Want to present your case?

  • Need input/solutions on your own  – business related – challenges from great minds and creative ideas?
  • Need more social/commercial impact of your own social enterprise
  • Want to learn from other social entrepreneurs & social businesses working at the BoP?

Bring in your own case at the next meeting of the Borrel of the Pyramid! Contact: contact@borrelofthepyramid.org

Specific expertise needed?

  • Need specific in-depth knowledge and expertise in the context you are operating?
  • Want to pick the brains of the Borrel board and/or other professionals in a one-to-one conversation?

We have years of experience in the BoP sector with a strong focus on inclusive business development on different themes, such as Water & Sanitation, Agriculture, Energy, Food, Climate Change and Education. From incubator, accelerator and scaling-up, the Borrel of the Pyramid advises on social entrepreneurs that wants to go one step further. Contact us at contact@borrelofthepyramid.org.