Mission and vision


The Borrel of the Pyramid aims to contribute to economic development and social impact at the Bottom of the Pyramid: by gathering knowledge and expertise and connect this to practical cases from entrepreneurs, we believe we can help entrepreneurs get one step closer to successfull and inclusive business/entrepreneurship  and can inspire others to approach the Bottom of the Pyramid as a (inclusive) businesspartner, as a consuming market or as a customer. 


The Borrel of the Pyramid strives to develop, collect and disseminate knowledge on social enterpreneurship at the Bottom of the Pyramid because we believe in the power of social entrepreneurship at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Social entrepreneurship is key to sustainable development. This market represent a still unrecognized buying power, they own tremendous creativity to find solutions for local problems in a sustainable way

Don’t stick within the abstract; brainstorm around concrete cases of social entrepreneurs operating in development countries and together come up with innovative, creative and new pro-poor solutions at the Bottom of the Pyramid.

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