The Borrel of the Pyramid

The Borrel of the Pyramid believes that social entrepreneurship is key to sustainable development. That is why we organize the Borrel of the Pyramid where we brainstorm around concrete cases of social entrepreneurs operating in development countries and together come up with innovative, creative and new solutions to the question at stake. This means that several times a year people who are interested and believe in the power of social entrepreneurship come together at the Borrel of the Pyramid to brainstorm and discuss about sustainable, pro-poor solutions at the Base of the Pyramid.

The aim of the Borrel of the Pyramid is to gather with people who are passionate about social entrepreneurship in developing countries and want to share on innovative ideas and solutions for the base of the pyramid, during an informal borrel. People joining the borrel are pragmatic, open for new ideas and willing to share and learn; people who believe in the added value of non-governmental organisations but at the same time get the essence of commerce, which we believe is key to sustainable development and progress.

The Borrel of the Pyramid is a way to brainstorm about entrepreurial solutions for challenges at the base of the pyramid. During the borrel, a case will be presented by an entrepreneur who is active at the base of the pyramid. This case will be leading during the evening: you, together with others, will brainstorm and come up with new, innovative or creative solutions to the problem being presented to you. At the same time you are being welcomed in a network of people with different backgrounds, different interests and different opinions. So explore and broaden your own network, perhaps you will discover potential new cooperations with other organisations. Or just talk about your latest travel experiences, football or anything else!