The Borrel of the Pyramid is looking for new board members! 

Interested in inclusive business approaches for the Base of the Pyramid? Eager to enlarge your network and organize brainstorm sessions around BoP-ventures? The Borrel of the Pyramid is looking for new board members to organize BoP brainstorm sessions and bring the Borrel of the Pyramid concept to a next level!
Who are we looking for? 3 enthusiastic leaders, who
·     Are strong networkers who are at the start of their career (between 21 and 30 years old);
·       Have developed a relevant network during their study time and/or working period;
·       Are strong communicators and able to moderate and lead brainstorm sessions;
·       Have analytical skills and are able to help BoP-entrepreneurs to define their brainstorm case;
·       Have a background in or strong affinity with inclusive business development in the BoP;
·       Are proactive, have a strong vision on BoP-related issues;
·       Are skilled in working with social media

What do you need to do?
·       Organize borrels and brainstorm sessions;
·       Create new partnerships within your existing (or new) network;
·       Prepare cases with entrepreneurs that have a specific challenge around their BoP-venture;
·       Professionalize and improve the Borrel of the Pyramids external communication/PR strategy;
·       Take the Borrel of the Pyramid to the next level!

Please send us your CV and/or a short video-clip (3 min) before March 20th 2017 stating why “you are the one we are looking for” to For more information, contact Nick Veldwijk (

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