FairChain x BlockChain

Perhaps you know this already, but we want to make it clear; the coffee beans used for your coffee are most likely produced by farmers living on a poverty income rather than a living income. How come? Because there is lack of transparency in the value chain and profits end up with the big middle men. The situation right now: maximum prices for you while 25 million of smallholder farmers at the base are competing on poverty.

If you ask Moyee Coffee for the solution they would say: use BlockChain to create FairChain coffee.
Learn about FairChain farming through BlockChain @ BlockChainForGood

That is awesome, but how can we convince customers that the end price of coffee should go to farmers? And how can you create customer loyalty for FairChain Coffee? And how can farmers make the transition to run profitable farms?

YOU can be part of creating disruptive change in the coffee sector!
Brainstorm & Borrel with Moyee Coffee and FairChain Foundation on Thursday September 6th at the Social Impact Factory in Utrecht!

You are welcome from 17:30. We start at 18:00 until around 20:00 and drinks afterwards. Let us know that you come and sign up here!

The FairChain Foundation is powered by Moyee Coffee.