25/02 New Borrel @ Global Grounds, KIT, Amsterdam

Dear Borrelaars!

In collaboration with Global Grounds, the co-workspace for innovative start-ups at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam, we proudly present a new Borrel with Sesolo Mello (“cheap fire”)! Sesolo Mello will be the next social enterprise presents its case to you on Thursday the 25th of February.

We are very excited to set up a Borrel of the Pyramid with Seselo Mello, winner of the StartLife Microcredit grant, and would love you to join us! Let’s get creative and design the perfect strategy for them to engage with local partners. So let’s help Seselo Mello in becoming a great success!

The fresh start-up aims to replace paraffin in South African households – which is used for cooking, heating and lighting – with a safer, healthier and cheaper alternative. Their biofuel can be used in the same cookstoves as paraffin. They produce the biofuel with waste vegetable oil from the food processing industry, currently a largely untapped resource.

We will start at 19.30 and because there is only place for 50 persons, register here

-more info about the specific case will follow soon-