An update from Co2Operate

Please enjoy reading the update from mr. Paul Burgers, the initiator of Co2Operate. Paul was invited during the last Borrel of the Pyramid to let us, participants, brainstorm on  Indonesian smallholder palmsugar and palmsugar cookies.

Read about his latest developments below:


Thank you all for a real stimulating and energizing evening. I am still amazed that so many (young) professionals showed up voluntarily on their free evening to help us move forward with positioning the palmsugar and the cookies in the market.


I got overloaded with good ideas and possible market strategies general, but what market segment might be best in particular. Really good to see that the breakup sessions all tackled a different component on how to position our products from Indonesian smallholders in the market. An overwhelming response and basket full of homework in just 1 hour. With all that information and new energy I got from this session, things have really moved forward.


For one, the session has given me more confidence to focus on specific markets, those where palmsugar is rewarded for its properties (low GI index, less bad compared to normal sugar, unrefined, sustainable smallholder product ). Currently we are in contact with a bakery, which produces muesli-bars for a professional cycling team. Early next year, we will sit down together to see what kind of sportsbar could be produced using palmsugar.


The low GI-index of 30 could also be interesting for the diabetes segment, as we discussed during the session. Recently, a diabetes patient has done a real life-test of our cookies. Turned out that her glucose- meter remained quite stable (almost horizontal), even after eating 3 cookies. She now buys the cookies regularly from us in the market, and has given me the confidence to seriously start developing a market strategy for the diabetes market.


The cookies and the zorgboerderij.

All the input I got about a new name, shape and taste have been taken up. It was however hard  to do  that with the current  bakery (too busy), so we  are very happy that we were given a place in a zorgboerderij in Woerden, where we will set up a simple cookie bakery. It allows us to bring all ideas of the evening into practice and experiment with shapes and so on. Together with the sustainably managed and operating stadshotel Woerden (hotel/restaurant), we will start experimenting to develop a unique cookie, both in taste and shape. The tiger foot shape, suggested during the session, for instance, is one of the potential shapes we are thinking of.


Linking up and Branding

The session brought me  in contact with Leo Smits and Reinier Poelhekke (Yowza). Two really nice and very creative guys, bringing CO2 Operate BV and its products to the next level. Thank you Lars for connecting us after the session. A complete overhaul of the website (turning it into a really appealing and attractive site), and our entire activities of developing food forests is becoming a part of a new brand. New name, website and all around it, should see the light early next year. Watch for it!!! Those who wrote down they like to be helpful in contacting supermarkets in Amsterdam for the cookies. I have not forgotten about you. Once we have all up and running early next year, I will contact you.  Hope you are still ok with it, as other candy like palmsugar goodies are coming soon.


And for the tennislovers… Quirine Lemoine, who joined us on during the borrel, will be playing the Dutch championships, starting today, 15 December in Rotterdam. If you like to see her play, she will be there, she is third seed. She will play both singles and doubles. We might see  each other there.


Please not that another Borrel is planned on the 25th of Feburay at the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) in Amsterdam. You will receive information soon (if you are subscribed to the newsletter). If you are not, please do!