The Borrel met Co2Operate on 29/09/15

On the 29th of September the Borrel proudly presented the Borrel of the Pyramid together with CO2 Operate in the ImpactHub in Amsterdam.

Integrating poverty reduction with the carbon challenge
Co2 Operate has over 12 years of experience in developing pro-poor agroforestry systems in close collaboration with local communities in Indonesia. They are a social enterprise which creates and sustains positive economic, social, and environmental change through upgrading grasslands into pro-poor emission reduction projects.

Borrel September 29th: CO2 Operate
CO2 Operate is a social enterprise. They currently seek to strengthen their business model by finding new ways to connect smallholders and their products to western markets. Let’s get together on the 29th to make that a reality!

Save the date!
Join us and discuss the case of CO2 Operate on September 29th at 19:30h @ the ImpactHub in Amsterdam! You can register by sending us an e-mail to: We will keep you updated on the case through our website.

About us
The Borrel of the Pyramid believes that social entrepreneurship is key to sustainable development. That is why we organize the Borrel of the Pyramid where we brainstorm around concrete cases of social entrepreneurs operating in development countries and emerging markets. Together we can innovate, create, and explore solutions for concrete challenges of social enterprises. This means that several times a year people who are interested and believe in the power of social entrepreneurship come together at the Borrel of the Pyramid to brainstorm and discuss about sustainable, pro-poor solutions at the Base of the Pyramid.

We hope to see you in September!

Kind regards,

Marijt, Sibbe, Marlies, and Nick

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